What are the eligibility requirements for taking the NCLEX?

NCSBN does not maintain a list of eligibility requirements to take the NCLEX. Contact the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB) where you are seeking licensure/registration for their requirements (applicable only to nursing boards of the US & Canada).

What are the requirements for taking the NCLEX as an internationally educated nurse?

As an internationally educated candidate, you will need to complete the two processes listed in the above question.

Additionally, regulations and requirements regarding internationally educated nurses vary for each board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB).

NCSBN does not maintain a list of requirements for internationally educated nurses.

When a candidate calls to schedule an exam, how soon can they expect to get an appointment?

First-time test takers will be offered an appointment within 30 days of the call, or online attempt, to schedule an appointment; repeat candidates will be offered an appointment within 45 days. If you wish, you may decline the appointment offered and schedule later than the 30 or 45 days. 

Where can I take the NCLEX?

The NCLEX is given year round and is administered by Pearson VUE. For candidates seeking licensure in the U.S., domestic test centers are those within the U.S. and American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands and the U.S. Virgin Islands. For candidates seeking licensure/registration in Canada starting in 2015, domestic test centers are those within Canadian provinces/territories and the mainland U.S. (not including territories). International locations where the NCLEX is offered include Australia, Canada, England, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Mexico, Philippines, Puerto Rico and Taiwan. Candidates are able to take the NCLEX at any Pearson Professional Testing location, regardless of the board they are applying for licensure.

If I fail the NCLEX, when can I take it again?

Candidates must wait a minimum of 45 days between each exam. This length of time is determined by the board of nursing/regulatory body (BON/RB)s validity dates. The NCSBN retake policy allows candidates to retake their exam 45 days after administration of their exam. Candidates who have applied for licensure/registration with a participating BON/RBday period, unless limited to fewer retakes by the desired jurisdiction of licensure/registration. Candidates are encouraged to contact the BONs/RBs for their policy on NCLEX retakes. Once you reregister for the NCLEX, the length of time determined by the BON/RB will be reflected in the new ATT's validity dates.

How many times can I take the NCLEX?

NCSBN does not limit the number of times a candidate may attempt the NCLEX. Based on its policy or law, individual boards of nursing/regulatory bodies may have additional restrictions on this basic requirement, such as longer wait time between retests and limitation on number of exam attempts. Candidates should contact their board of nursing/regulatory body for exam retake rules specific to that jurisdiction. 

Last modified: Friday, 21 August 2015, 11:17 AM